We believe small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

About 100 Men Who Care – Vancouver

Vancouver is a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and caring community. Sadly we also have great needs that aren’t being met by private and public funding. There are so many incredible, hard-working organizations that stretch every penny and every volunteer hour they can get to support our thriving city. That’s why we came together to form 100 Men Who Care – Vancouver: an exclusive charitable society of diverse high achievers, executive-thinkers and innovators. All of whom want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, so they can give and do more, while making a massive community impact.

Through our quarterly events held at premiere locations around Vancouver, we encourage our members to become more aware of the countless ways of giving back to our community. We know that everyone gives back in their own way – some of us have time, others skills. Our members are able to give back financially.

Here’s How It Works

When you become a member of 100 Men Who Care – Vancouver all that is required from you is an hour of your time (to collectively vote on a charity) and a small $100 donation per quarter (4 times a year). That’s all it takes! Now add 99 other men (guys, dudes, bros, gentlemen, whatever you prefer) just like you and you’re making an immediate positive effect on the lives of our neighbors, by giving up to $40,000 each year to worthy causes (you vote for) right here in Vancouver.

Just imagine the feeling you will get when you can actually see the positive effects happening around the community, from the collective momentum you played a pivotal role in creating.

Why Attend An Event?

Not only will attending an event will make you aware of the countless ways of giving back to our community, but they are a lot of fun. Each quarterly event is different from the last and can range from Whiskey tasting to Golf Tournaments.

The focus of our events is philanthropy, but afterward, there are opportunities for networking with Vancouver’s most influential and caring men who want to grow both business relationships and friendships. 

If you still would like more information, please read through our FAQ page.