Know of a local charity which could benefit from the support of 100 Men Who Care- Vancouver?

How Charities Are Chosen

All of the nominated charities go into a database, which is then weeded of ineligible organizations. The remaining eligible charities are put into a hat and three charitable organizations are drawn at random three weeks before a quarterly event. The three organizations are invited to give a short five-minute presentation at our quarterly event. Members then vote online after the event to determine the next recipient charity. If a charity declines, or is unable to present, another charity is chosen at random from the database. The identity of the three presenting charities is not revealed until the meeting is underway.

Nomination Requirements

To nominate a charity you must be a member in good standing. Furthermore, charitable organizations under consideration must serve Vancouver and surrounding areas, be in existence for at least one year, and be a registered charity. They must also agree to provide individual tax receipts and to keep member information confidential.

Note: Our team will determine if your charity meets our eligibility criteria. Someone will contact you within a few days if there is a problem with the charity’s eligibility.